Manufacture of equipment for systemic and local cryotherapy

The cryogenic chamber is offered in the following versions: multi-person, one-person, mobile and transportable container type. The offer also includes CRIOVITA medical stimulators for local cryotherapy treatment.


CREATOR Co. Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic equipment – cryogenic chambers for systemic cryotherapy and medical stimulators for local cryotherapy.
The Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre has a long standing tradition of cryotherapy treatment in its own cryogenic chamber, constructed by Zbigniew Raczkowski, the creator of the first Polish cryochamber.
This chamber is one of several functioning in Poland, but it is the most exploited one, as over 400 thousand treatment sessions have been performed in it. All these treatments have been fully documented both medically and technically, enabling the evaluation of the chamber’s effectiveness. The experience thus gained encouraged us to design and construct the next version of the cryogenic chamber, bearing the symbol CR-2002 and CR2002/05, without the limitations and shortcomings of the exploited chamber. The correctness of the technical solutions, their compliance with the pending standards and care to keep all the safety precautions, have been confirmed by the “EC” (European Conformity) Certificate.
The low temperature cryochambers manufactured by CREATOR are modern pieces of equipment safeguarded by patent laws. The chambers are comprised of two units The temperature in the pre-chamber may reach -60oC. Here the patients adapt to the temperature conditions for a few seconds before entering the second unit which is the treatment chamber itself, where the temperature ranges between -110oC to -160oC. The joint time of stay amounts to 2 to 3 minutes depending on the disease.
The cryochamber is cooled with liquid nitrogen contained in a closed installation system, so it has no contact with the patient. The liquid nitrogen is supplied to the cryochamber from a tank outside the building, where it is gasified in heat exchangers. At the same time the air in the cryochamber is cooled to -110oC to -160oC. The factor cooling the patients organism is cold air. The waste nitrogen is set free through a damper system outside the premises.




Presentation of the mobile cryogenic device at the 25th Rehabilitation Fair 2017 in Łódź.

On September 21-23, Creator in cooperation with Messer Sp. with o.o. presented during the jubilee 25th Rehabilitation Fair 2017 in Łódź - the first in Poland - Mobile Cryotherapy Center.

Academy of Physical Education (AWF) – 70th Anniversary Celebrations.

CREATOR as a partner of the Academy had the honour of participating in the festive celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of that University, presenting its innovative solution in the field of cryotherapy – the mobile cryochamber.

2016 Rehabilitation Trade Fairs in Łódź

We participated in the consecutive 2016 Rehabilitation Trade Fairs in Łódź held between 22-24 September.
We wish to thank all who visited us for their interest in our offer.

Transportable cryochamber – our new product.

We are expanding our offer by a transportable cryochamber.
We invite you to become acquainted with our presentation.


We have the status of a Scientific and Research Centre of the Medical Universities in Wrocław and Łódź and of the Wrocław Academy of Physical Education.

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