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A comprehensive offer for the manufacture of a modern cryogenic chamber for systemic treatments.  

We wish to interest all who provide rehabilitation services: Health Care Centres  (out-patient units, hospitals, sanatoria) sports and fitness clubs, wellness and spa centres, holiday centres, hotels  as well as persons and organizations intending to establish such businesses.

Delivery within 12 weeks of signing the agreement.

Within the framework of the offer CREATOR Co. Ltd guarantees medical staff training in its own centres, having long experience in the field of systemic cryotherapy and training of technical staff during assembly and start-up of the cryochamber. We ensure a 24 month guarantee, a guarantee and post guarantee service. The investor signs an agreement for the conditions of delivery of liquid nitrogen on his own account.

CREATOR Co. Ltd. having a long experience in managing a Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre, renders services in the field of drawing up technical specifications connected with the location of the cryochamber on the Investor’s premises, as well as drawing up an organizational chart and operation principles for non-public health centres, to give efficient and effective management of comprehensive rehabilitation services.