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CREATOR Co. Ltd  manufactures both cryogenic chambers and equipment for local cryotherapy

– type CRIOVITA model A/1.

In 2011 CREATOR designed  a modern medical stimulator for local cryotherapy the  CRIOVITA –A/1 model.

The CRIOVITA –A/1 medical stimulator is intended for cryostimulating treatment  by  locally blowing liquid nitrogen vapour to evoke and employ the organism’s physiological reactions to cold.


Cryostimulating treatment is used in rehabilitation processes in many medical fields.

The CRIOVITA –A/1 medical stimulator operates with a non pressurized liquid nitrogen tank. The nitrogen head with a connection system to the tank is equipped with a heater, which by delivering the heat results in the evaporation of the liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen vapour is pushed through the head into a flexible hose and is transported outside, where with the aid of a special applicator the vapour is directed by the physiotherapist onto the cooled area of the patient’s body.

The stimulator is equipped with a steering panel displaying the work parameters (readiness of the device and indication of the tanking level), the panel also enables the setting  of such work parameters as: duration of treatment and intensity of blowing.

The cryostimulation treatment is used for cooling of local areas of the body with a stream of nitrogen vapour at a temperature of -160oC for 3 minutes. The device has been registered in the Office for  Registration of Medical Products and Biocides, whist  the correctness of its technical solutions and their compliance with the mandatory standards  have been certified by certificate CE no 1451/M/0004/08.


The A/1model of the  CRIOVITA stimulator holds a WE certificate number 1434-MDD67/2011 issued by the Polish Centre of Research and Certification  SA.

The device fulfills the requirements of the National Health Service.
The device is powered through a standard 230V50Hz socket.

  • aided treatment after injury of the soft tissues and joints (bruises, hematoma, sprains)
  • post injury lesions or overstrain of joints
  • diseases of the joints due to metabolic conditions – gout
  • osteoarthritis, periartheritis
  • diseases of the connective tissues: myositis, fibromyostis, collagenosis
  • diseases of the nervous system: radiculpathy, spastic tetra plegia
  • spinal pain syndrome
  • temperature of the blown vapours -160oC
  • stimulator’s mass without liquid nitrogen 38 kg
  • safety class 1  type of safety B
  • installed power 500 W
  • total maximum mass of the stimulator up to 97 kg (with the largest TR60 tank)
  • average consumption of liquid nitrogen per hour – from 6.0 to 9.0 kg
  • capacity of tank – depending on the type from 10 to 60 litres of liquid nitrogen