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We have the status of a Research and Research Center of the Medical University in Wrocław and in Łódź and of the Wrocław Academy of Physical Education.

CREATOR Sp. z o.o. as a manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic chambers and a long-term user thereof, wishes to draw your interest to systemic cryotherapy – an effective method of medical treatment, rehabilitation and biological regeneration.
Systemic cryotherapy based on the use of low-temperature chamber is gaining increasing worldwide recognision, quite often successfully substituting pharmacological treatment and long-term rehabilitation.

For dozens of years now, our Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre has been performing about several hundred treatment sessions per day, which means that the cryogenic chamber operated in our Centre is the only one in the country which is so extensively exploited.

Since the launch of the cryogenic chamber in 2001, we have performed over one million treatment sessions, recording full medical and technical documentation essential for the assessment of this form of rehabilitation. The effectiveness of the method in terms of treating various medical conditions has been proved not only through the results of numerous scientific research, but first and foremost by the thousands of patients who have regained their efficiency and health thanks to cryotherapy treatments.
It is due to our broad experience as well as scientific and research co-operation with the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław, that we have been able to design and construct the latest version of the cryogenic chamber bearing the symbol CR-2011 CH-I/A.

In the cryogenic chamber production process CREATOR Sp. z o.o. takes advantage of its long-standing experience, state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions, as reflected by the numerous prestigious awards and distinctions at national and international trade fairs and exhibitions, which we present in the subsequent parts of this offer.
The ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the design and production of low-temperature chambers, confirms the highest level of quality of our product .
This modern device is protected under Patent No. 193363, certificate of registration No. 66743 and patent applications No. P-381643 and P-382028. The correctness of the technical solutions and their compliance with the applicable standards, and safety observation of treatment sessions, have been confirmed by means of the CE Certificate issued by PREDOM-OBR in Warsaw.
Wishing to popularize the usage of low temperatures both in medical treatments, rehabilitation and the widely comprehended biological regeneration, we have designed a chamber characterized by much lower operation costs and made available at a lower price compared to those hitherto offered by other manufacturers.
We provide a comprehensive offer as we actively participate both in elaborating detailed technical
Assumptions, regarding the location of the cryogenic chamber in the Investor’s premises and in designing the organizational chart, elaborating the principles of operation and equipping the premises; all this provides the most efficient and effective rehabilitation services. We can also propose very favourable leasing conditions of a gas tank and gas supply under a co-operation agreement concluded with “MesserPOLSKA” Spółka z o.o.
We also co-operate with other process gas suppliers in Poland.

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